Meet Jane

Jane is an Executive Coach and HR Professional who is passionate about helping others enhance their leadership effectiveness. An emotionally intelligent leader, Jane is referred by clients as a neutral and wise advisor.

OWL’s philosophy is to help others see their potential, in a supportive and confidential environment. Coaching is a powerful tool for busy executives, working parents, new managers, anyone seeking personal growth.



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OWL started as an acronym for Opportunity, Wisdom, and Leadership which purely explains what Jane was trying to establish when founding the practice. 

Creating the space for Opportunity to help others, share – enlighten and perhaps a little Wisdom along the way, and develop Leadership in those who seek personal and professional growth.

Jane is the founder of OWL and collaborates with other HR professionals on select projects. As an executive coach, professor, and HR professional she works to create a community where all can bring their best selves to their work. At times it is not so easy to do and we all need a little support along our path. Having a coach in your corner can be tremendously valuable. Whether you are a new manager, or considering transitioning in or out of the workforce, or pondering your next chapter, a coach can help you sort through the muck, get you un-stuck, and gain focus and clarity.

She’s been there too.

Balancing a big job and a young family, being effective as a VP, and managing through challenging organizational times. Jane understands. Being a leader in an organization can, at times, be lonely at the top. Being a parent with a big job can seem impossible at times and finding passion as you contemplate your next chapter can seem daunting.

Organizations can also create confusion and navigating personal development in challenging environments can be political. Having a coach in your corner is an investment in yourself and your career.

What would it mean to you – to have a confidential thinking partner, someone who only holds your agenda? Consider having someone who supports you, pushes you, advocates for your vision, and holds you to your goals. With no agenda, other than yours, a coach is here to listen and support you through whatever your business objectives and challenges are. A confidential sounding board.

A coach has your back.

Jane has a masters degree in employment law and extensive HR experience; as a leader, developer of leaders and organizational people related matters including recruiting, investigating and training. Jane is a working VP of HR, maintains a small client base through OWL and teaches HRM at the University level.

Licensed. Insured. Certified.

Jane holds her (PCC) Professional Certified Coach designation through the International Coaching Federation, an honor applicable to coaches with over 750 hours of coaching practice. ICF has a stringent credentialing process, regardless of who you work with, ensure you are working with a certified coach and check credentials on their site here.

Jane is also a licensed Small Business Coach and holds her CPHR, Certified Professional in Human Resources – Canada, and SPHR-SCP through the Society for HR Management – USA.